Greetings from an NC Chicken-Lover!!!

Here are some pics of my chickens! I have 2 Silver-laced Wyandottes, 2 Buckeyes, 2 sex link pullets (not sure what kind), 2 d'Uccles, 2 Russian Orloffs, 2 Leghorns (I think), 1 OEG Bantam, 1 WFBS bantam, and 1 Jersey Giant.

One of my Orloffs, one of my Buckeyes, my Jersey Giant, and my Leghorns. They are a month old now, but were three weeks old when this pic was taken.

Here's a pic of my Wyandotte pullets. They're very close to egg-laying age!

Here's a picture of my OEG Banty cockerel. I don't think he's show-quality, 'cause his tail is so puny.

Here's an updated photo of my boys and two little girls that survived some perilous shipping stress!