From City Girl to Crazy Chicken Lady
I moved to my 7 acre farm in March 08. I knew I wanted to have chickens someday, but kept putting it off because I would have to set up a coop and run first. Then one day in May, my foster dog got out and within a few minutes returned with a "gift" for me. It was a chicken! None of my neighbors have chickens, so she must have wandered off. She had a broken wing and a puncture wound, but I nursed her back to health and this is what I got.


My first attempt at a coop
Getting Shabutie forced me to go ahead and fix up a coop and run. I have no carpentry skills, so this entailed using a staple gun and chicken wire in the old corn crib in the barn.

I added black plastic this winter to help cut down on the drafts


Laying Hens

My first purchase was three laying hens. Two New Hampshire Reds and one Black Australorpe.

Then a friend, who was moving, gave me her three Barred rocks.

I lucked out and got very sweet roos.

Madness ensues
Up until this point, I was just a hobby chicken-ist. That is until I found BYC. I started reading about different breeds and incubating. I went from being eggstatic over my first breakfast from my own eggs to hoarding them so I could put them in the incubator...Well, you see where this is going.



The New Coop (in the old barn)
After hatching 50 + chicks (in my defense, I didn't think they would all hatch.) I realized I needed more room for chickens. So I cleared out yet another room in the old barn for the birds. So if anyone in Kentucky is interested in some Buff orps or barred rocks, I've got plenty, haha.



Once I aquire BC Marans and Faverolles, I'd like to split this into breeding pens.

Eventual Demise
My newest venture was innocently purchasing some local silkie eggs. Unfortunately, while in the bator, an evil mind war ensued and only one chick emerged, claiming victory and supreme power over all living beings. From here on out the silkie chick wishes to only be referred to as "The Precious".

The Precious in its' den, dreaming of death and destruction.

The Precious sleeps with one eye open

The Precious commissioned the hounds of hell to guard the castle...I mean brooder. As you can imagine, there are many who wish to have The Power to themselves...and there's only one way to get it.


I would eventually like to breed Salmon Faverolles and BC Marans...and maybe some Ameraucanas. First I have to learn how to spell it, though.
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