Growanstede Smallhold

Growanstede Smallhold is a ten acre family-run farm located in Marshall, Wisconsin that has been in operation since late 2018.

We are committed to regenerative, healthy organic practices that are maintained through an intimate connection between the animals we raise, the produce we cultivate, and the bodies that we feed. “Growanstede” is an Old English word that means simply, “Growing Place” As our name suggests, it is stewardship and growth that drive our presence in this space.

The poultry side of Growanstede is primarily focused on rare, heritage breeds and British table birds. We currently raise Silver Grey Dorkings, Speckled Sussex, Scots Dumpies, Icelandics, Americaunas, Welsh Harlequin Ducks, and Black Turkeys. We are proud to be stewards of these historic breeds, and take our role of preservation breeding seriously. We do sell hatching eggs! Growanstede Smallhold was the proud winner of a 2021 Livestock Conservancy Microgrant that allowed us to build the Fort Knox of chicken runs and install an outdoor water cachement system to complement our indoor one.

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Jessa Lane is a Wisconsin Farmer, proud Wisconsin Farmers Union Member, and poultry preservation breeder. Jessa was instrumental in legalizing backyard henkeeping in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2011, and founded Growanstede Smallhold, a 10-acre regenerative farm in Marshall, Wisconsin (outside Madison) in 2018. 🌱🐑 🥕🐓🥬

She runs a small CSA, raises heritage pastured poultry, and sells eggs & pork, all raised ethically and organically.​



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