This is our second year of raising chickens and our first year for guineas and turkeys. We have had a few mishaps (our great pyranees wiped out the first flock) and many adventures, but it's been a wonderful and fun experience. We currently have 12 barred rocks (2 of which are roosters), 3 guineas and a mated pair of Bourbon Red turkeys.
I have to admit, the guineas, who we lovingly refer to as "the goons" are my favorites. They are Shemp, Moe and Larry, although Shemp should be Charlotte and Larry should be Laurie, so we've learned. Moe is a pied guinea and has paired off with Larry, leaving poor Shemp to call for a mate. We plan to get some more guineas in the spring from a different breader and hopefully will find a mate for Shemp.

The Barred Rocks remain unnamed, other than the roosters: The Colonel and Gear Box. The girls are happy and great producers, about 8 - 9 eggs a day. Out of 9 hens, needless to say, I'm very pleased. I do have one Americauna hen, Liberty, but she only laid for about a week. I think the other hens kept destroying her eggs because they were different and so she just quit.
The goons are mostly just for entertainment and they certainly are that. They seldom move independently and act as though they are a three headed bird most of the time. They are wild to the extent that you can't touch them, but tamed to the extent that they follow me around the property from rooftop to roof top or fence rail just to hang out with me. They make the most awful racket when they are scared and it's usually because they have gotten themselves into some place they are unfamiliar with and can't see or hear me. I have to go find them and talk them back to familiar territory. The minute I come out the back door, they come running across the yard or flying from the top of the turkey pen (their favorite roost) to land just outside my reach, but close enough to follow me around as I do my bird chores. They follow me to the carport as I leave for work and sit on the fence post to watch me go, making happy little bird sounds.