Welcome To Our Page!
By: Zach, and Christy
Basic Info:
-We Have Eight Chickens-
Two Americaunas- Amelia, Roderunnet

One Rhode Island Red- *NoName*

Two Production Reds- Autumn, *NoName*
Three Buff Orpingtons- Buff , Buffy, Buffier

Our Coop:

112 Square Feet (Including Run) 32 Sqare Feet (without run)

80 Sqare Foot Run 8x10-
Underside Ramp- That folds up

Fold Up Side Door-

Drop-Down Exterier Doors X2

Main Coop Door


Make Different Sized Laying Areas

There Removable!

Its on four wheels and can be pushed by one person.
Weight- about 250-300lbs

Thanks for coming to our page hope you tell all your freinds!!

For Designs of this coop E-Mail me @ [email protected]
Also for custom designing E-Mail me @ [email protected]