Welcome to Halcyon (means kingsfisher and peaceful) in McClellanville, SC.
A friend gave me 5 hens and a rooseter about a year ago and, due to some problems with one of my dogs who likes chickens way too much, I now have four hens and a rooster - two are from the original bunch.
I also have 9 poulets who arrived here from My Pet Chicken with 13 others who went to two friends.
My older group moved from their pen, built by a friend, to a new coop which another friend and I built after the frame was made. We used old lumber, didn't have a square, cut down a found bookcase for the egg box, added a door which floated up in the marsh and the camper shell from my 1981 long-bed which is no more (alas). The poulets moved into the original coop when they were about a week old and now have the run of half of the chicken yard. They all free range in the late afternoon when I get home, the babes in my old garden and the year olds in the back back yard. The dogs are now confined to the house when the chickens are out and to the backyard when they are in the chicken yard. They have the run of the whole area when everyone is in the coops for the evening.
For for information about the upcoming Eggstravanga (Sat. 30 Oct 2010) sponsored by the McClellanville Arts Council, go to www.mcclellanvilleartscouncil.com
Here are photos of my chicken yard and the two coops. The original coop has since been enlarged up top.
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