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By haleycausey · Mar 17, 2016 · Updated Mar 17, 2016 · ·
  1. haleycausey
    Well hello every one this is my chicken coop. The coop it self is 4x8 and the attached run is 8x16. As of right now it houses 9 chickens. Hope you enjoy the pictures through out the process.

    This are a couple pictures of the framing process. There are a total of 6 4x4 posts in the four corners of the coop and the other two are at the other end of the run. The additional framing is just 2x4's. we also added the 4x8 sheet of plywood for the floor of the coop before some of the framing went up.
    next thing we did was add all the chicken wire to the outside of the coop as well as the top. we dug around the whole coop and stuck the wire in the ground about a foot and a half to two foot down to add some extra protection.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    the next thing was to start adding the walls to the coop as well as cut out the wholes for the doors and vent holes.
    I wanted my nesting boxes to be built coming off of my coop for the easy access for retrieving eggs. as well as a large door on the other side so when I cleaned the coop it would be easy to get out all of the bedding material.

    I then had to do all the little details on the front to make it how I had envisioned it. the top of the front has three small vent hole openings for some air flow. The right side has another large door for easy access to cleaning it. The opening for the chickens is in the middle with there walk up and the left side is a fake door because I wanted the coop to look the same on both sides.

    After it was all closed in I added tin to the top for a roof. Then on the inside I added some roosts.
    Next thing to do was to paint it!
    The for the final touches I added pine shavings and a sand box to catch the poop under the roosts.
    Then I also made a feeder and waterier out of 5 gallon buckets.
    Then last but not least add the chickens!

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  1. karenerwin
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 17, 2018
    I really like you coop and run. My only issue is that you used chicken wire which is designed to keep chickens in but does NOT keep predators out!!

    I like that you added the fake door to make it symmetrical!
    Thanks for sharing your coop and run with us.
    Now that it has been in use, is there anything that you would do differently? About how much did you end up spending?


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  1. haleycausey
    The feeders and waterers are firehouse buckets with wholes cut out around the bottom about an inch and a half from the bottom the waterer only works with buckets that have seals inside the lids
  2. beetandsteet
    Love the coop! And the feeders and waterers--how did you make them? Can you PM me the plans? :)
  3. haleycausey
    I have chicken wire covering the chain link gate door
  4. Whittni
    Cute! I can't tell very well from the pictures, but if you've used any chain link--I highly recommend changing that to hard wire.
  5. haleycausey
    Yepp i think it will
  6. N F C
    I like how you put sand under the roosts, that should make clean-up easier.
  7. haleycausey
    I lock them up inside the coop at night time. Does that make a difference?
  8. Brookliner
    Really well thought out beautiful coop. Depending on your predators you need 1/2'' hardware cloth to keer racons and opossoms from reaching through the wire and grabing a chicken dinner. They will eat a chicken right through the wire. Read up on predators.
  9. haleycausey
  10. BantyChooks

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