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By PNW_Peepers · Apr 5, 2018 · ·
  1. PNW_Peepers
    DH & I had never built anything more complex than a garden bed. I researched all over to find the perfect coop for my dream flock of chickens. That’s when I found this website. We live in the PNW tip of Oregon, our weather consists of rain, sidways rain, & occasionally rain on a sunny day.
    We decided on an elevated coop with a covered run attached. We started by measuring out where we wanted our coop. We had a pre-existing potting shed/wood shed on the property and decided to make the coop the same width and height to match. The coop is 8’W x 10’L. With a height of 10’ in the front & 8’ in the back. Each post has an additional two feet cemented into the ground. The floor of the coop is 2’ above the ground. We wanted it large enough to access for easy cleaning.
    I didn’t take any pictures from the last to this one. Let’s just say DH & I are lucky to be alive and still married at this point in the build.
    The run is 8’W x 30’L including the space under the coop. We used old windows that we found in the potting shed. T1-11 siding, no insulation(as it doesn’t get too cold here). 4x4 as posts, 2x4 for all of the framework. As far as tools we used a drill, a staple gun, circular saw, hammer, measuring tape, & a level.
    It rains a lot here as posted above, so I did any painting I could indoors. We used the cheapest outdoor trim we could find.
    We put up a few hundred feet of hardware cloth and created an apron a foot down and foot out to keep out digging predators. We then attached 2x4 & 2x6 to the outside of the framework of both the coop and run.
    We had five tons of pea gravel delivered for the run portion. The roof is made from multiple pieces of metal roofing overlapped. We sealed all screws with a metal sealant to keep rain out.
    All of our doors can be locked open or closed.
    We purchased a large chicken fountain instead of building our own pvc drinker.
    The chicken fountain doesn’t get algae as it’s made from an extremely thick pvc.
    We made pvc feeders for their feed, grit, & oyster shells
    4C6C60E4-A376-4FC5-A98A-10A46F5FAC45.jpeg 4B4D643E-80F6-48FF-9875-3DBE38506713.jpeg
    We added ventilation on three of the four sides of the coop.
    4B7CC51D-A55E-4808-86A2-A02F475B78CE.jpeg 434C619B-A068-46DF-8306-7D4301CDD936.jpeg
    The roosts are local fallen trees. We also made a dust bath with rounds. (Can you tell that we have enough trees here?)
    The portion of the run underneath the coop provides shelter from sideways rain and will be a great source of shade during the summer months.
    FD633EA9-930B-43EE-AA93-D3E8EFD9C4E7.jpeg 32545D27-0167-40EE-A903-64247120241A.jpeg E0D70D62-158B-45F3-8B3F-A6E15E336B41.jpeg
    Nesting boxes that can be accessed from outside.
    Lock to hold it open for egg collecting.
    14C7A2DF-B5A4-412B-AC23-E2683F382042.jpeg DA4C250A-9A1F-4ACF-B57D-DB27EA02B2B8.jpeg
    Inside the coop we went with sand. Two tons of it to be exact. I can’t tell you how nice it is scooping poop once a day for five minutes to keep it clean. At night we spray down the gravel and it’s good as new.
    We built in a chicken jail/broody breaker. It’s convenient for introducing new birds or separating naughty ones. We also added a droppings board, to make cleaning that much easier.
    I sprinkle sweet pdz underneath the roosts every couple days to absorb and excess moisture.
    We have an angled nesting box, and also made the nesting boxes lower than all the roosts to keep everyone in the right place at night.
    Hope you all enjoy the coop as much as we do.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. ClucksAndCombs
    "Cute coop!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 10, 2018
    I love the design of this, such a pretty and practical coop:love. Good job!
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  2. 9SpiceyChickens
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 6, 2018
    How many birds?
    1. PNW_Peepers
      It’s currently housing 18, with the capacity of 20 large fowl chickens easily.
  3. CCUK
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 13, 2018
    A really nice run that is well built and sturdy. Some great ideas and I'm sure it serves you well.


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  1. Chickens_4Life
    Looking good! I’m planning to build a coop for 6 chickens, and this is the best idea for one 8 have come across. Thanks!:wee
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  2. h3nnyp3nny!
    Wow...great job!
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  3. bonsaiherb
    Very well done. I too just finished building my coop. One difference being I used the INSIDE of my garden shed to be the access point to my nesting boxes. Easiest would have been from the outside, but with the PNW (Pacific NorthWET) prevailing winds I did not want to be dealing with gathering my eggs in the rain.
    Will also have some heat from my wood burning stove that can have air blown into the COOP area - I left one extra roost compartment open**, but tightly screened so air can flow from the greenhouse/garden shed into the colder Northern attached Coop.
    Was lucky that most was done with recycled material and I too am looking for more insulated windows to build my second one. **
    ** I expect that this last roost next to the extra warmth will be the premier suite for the dominant hens.
    The nesting boxes that extend into the coop, have a six inch landing and are further covered with a 45 degree slanted 16" wide flooring material to discourage temptation to land on top of the nesting boxes.
    ** can be used as wind screening in the run - I also used a broken apart TV dish antenna to provide hiding places for them to run to should a hawk come by. Will take pictures when I get the exterior walls painted and the thing is finished.
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  4. jkkirkland87
    Wow! This is the coop and run I want to build. Ya'll did a great job. I will have questions later when I start this build. I know your chickens are happy.
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  5. merrymutts
    looks GREAT
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  6. outback
    Nice looking work but if you have sideways rain, I would worry that roofing metal will blow off with the length between supports. ???
  7. littlecollier
    This is amazing! I also live in the PNW and I worry about the wet and rainy weather. Can’t wait to put some of your pointers to good use!

    Bravo! :clap
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  8. Kateslittleladies
    What a wonderful coop, you did a fantastic job - and you're still married ! Thanks for sharing you coop building journey, I just wish I had more room in my garden for a bigger run. What does you dog think about your birds? One of my dogs think they are there just for her entertainment, she gets told off a lot ! Good luck with your new venture.
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    1. PNW_Peepers
      Thank you, the dog is a Cane Corso (Italian farm protection dog) so he does pretty good. Generally he just watches them from afar.
  9. ChooksNQuilts
    Beautiful coop PNW! Love love love that blue paint! :love
    It's a gorgeous color!
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  10. Chickens r the best!
    Nice coop! :thumbsup
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  11. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
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    1. PNW_Peepers
      Goodness, thank you so much
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  12. N F C
    You guys did a good job! I'll have to admit, this was my favorite part of your write-up,"Let’s just say DH & I are lucky to be alive and still married at this point in the build." :lau
  13. Texas Kiki
    Awesome coop!
    Thanks for sharing.
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