April 6, 2010
[FONT=georgia,palatino] Well its been about two weeks now since we got our chicks. We picked five of them
out(everyone in the fam got to pick their own chicken out at the local grain store
in town for their Chick Day event. It was alot of fun! I know I was very excited and
counting down the days that I could go and get the chicks!
Anyway we ended up with a Buff Orphington for Mom (Buttercup)
a Speckled Sussex for Dad (Mrs. Puffaluffagus) a white crested Polish
for my older daugter (Mrs. Bluebird) Jill my younger daughter picked a Black Australorp
named ( Pipsqueak) -loudest one in the bunch and my littlest daughter picked a
Silver Laced Wyandotte named (Sweet Pea) . Our home has now been invaded by chicks.
The dogs are cool with them so far , the cats seem happy too!
Anyway they have grown so incredibly fast in the last two weeks. I have enjoyed
having the pleasure of waking up everyday and coming down stairs to see something new.
My kids are having a ball with them- I told them the more time you spend with them
the freindlier they will be. However my little one tells everyone that Mom said the more
time you spend with them the Bigger they will be.
Now wouldnt that be interesting........
Anyway the weather is getting more and more beautiful everyday. We have brought the
chicks out the last few days and placed them in a pen.
They are loving the outside and being able to peck at the ground.
On another note me and my husband have broken ground on the chicken coop.
I investigated as much as possible and found alot of great
information on here from all you other chicken owners out there. I certainly have learned
alot about chickens the last few weeks. Its amazing to learn that there are alot of other
chicken obsessed peeps out there in this world. This site is definitely addictive! So I will keep you informed
when more chicken news happens. Till then take care.
[/FONT][FONT=georgia,palatino] One chicken crazy mom, who has a very patient husband, three great girls, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a pond full of shubumpkins and koi!!!!