Hello chicken folks! I have property in the north Georgia Mountains and would like to see a birds running around and sharing eggs with my neighbors.However it appears after a bad experience with dogs, that I will have to do some more fencing...I lost 7 out 8 turkeys and 6 out of 13 chickens....ouch, that really hurt, but I'm learning and sorry that education came from the cost of my loving birds.
I'm at the age where I want to raise something I can eat, opposed to raising my children and dogs...both of whom I enjoy.
My wife and I have been married for 34 years and are high school sweethearts from northern Minnesota. We have been lucky as well to have resided here in GA now for 25 years plus and can't imagine moving back north....this is home! We both are followers of Christ and I'm thankful that I have lived this long to receive his grace.....Amen!
In March '09 I had my third back surgery so my chicken hobby was put on hold, the back feels great for having two rods in/on it, I'm learning to make adjustments...like if I stumble and fall, I'm like a tree falling - no tuck and roll....Happy Hatch'en folks!