Has your chicken got runny poo?

Your chickens got runny poo? Don't worry! Read this article to learn how to solve it and why they are doing it!!
  1. Gingerwitchchickenlove
    Hey guys its your ginger chicken saviour! Today i am talking to you about the case of runny poo.

    If your chicken has got runny poo, dont panic! Its MIGHT mean nothing serious. Your chicken MIGHT be just simply processing the change in it's diet. This usually happens when you first get your chickens. Its just adapting to its new food. But there are other causes, it might have drank too much water, got a infection and\or worms.

    If your chicken has got runny poo, fix them a remedy of natural yoghurt. Do this every 10 days until their poo is back to normal. HOWEVER, it could mean worms, infection and other causes. If you are curious, do not hesitate to call the vet. But, it might be just a simple case of a weak stomach to your new food.

    You have been listening to gingerchickenlover, thank you and good night!

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  1. Texas Kiki
    Not quite true.
    Runny poo can mean worms, infection, cocci, hot/drank too much water....a mile long list of other things.
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    1. Gingerwitchchickenlove
      Quite true. Should have mentioned.
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