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Hatchaholic's Anonymous (picture heavy)

  1. wornoutmomto3
    Hello, my name is Stephanie and I have an addiction... to hatching eggs. Here is the sad tale of my out of control spiral into chicken math...

    Life was easy when roosters where forbidden. The hens laid the eggs...

    and the family ate the eggs. It was simply bliss.

    But then "they" showed up, a big strong Fayoumi and his bantam buddy.

    It started out simply enough with a single statement, the most dangerous statement in chicken lover history... "We might as well give it a try." It was just a few at first.

    ...but once you take that leap there is no turning back... a few became a few more... maybe just a dozen... well 20 wouldn't hurt... oh let's put them ALL in!

    I mean REALLY! Who could say no to these adorable fuzzy butts...

    Even some of the hens got in some hatching action...

    And the fuzzy butts just... kept... coming...

    No one even seemed to notice when ducklings appeared in their midst...

    Several of the hens felt put out by the ever increasing numbers of chicks being added to "The Flock."

    The number of birds in the flock was getting so out of control, there was a rush on breakfast every morning. Even some of the newly hatched chicks tried to return to their shells.

    In an effort to halt the madness the rooster boys were politely asked to join a flock of roosterless hens up the road. To which they agreed. However, the obvious vacancy was uncomfortably noticeable, and it wasn't long before new and even more handsome roosters came to reside with "The Flock."

    And the madness began again...

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  1. wornoutmomto3
    Thank you, everyone! Your sweet comments are most definitely appreciated.
  2. wornoutmomto3
    ShellyBear is correct. The speckled eggs are quail eggs. Once I got started hatching, any and all bird eggs seem fair game. Also, my father-in-law thought i would enjoy having the fun little birds around. And, I do.
  3. poodlechicks
    Well, I was sure I was going to have only a 6 chicken flock. Then, I realized I missed raising chicks so I ordered 16 chicks. Then, I miss watching a hen raising those cute little chicks, so I'm hoping my hens go broody to hatch some eggs. Somebody help me! :)
  4. ShellyBear
    I think the speckled eggs are quail eggs.
  5. lolli1103
    Yeah what are those speckled eggs they are so pretty?
  6. Ballerina Bird
    Same question as NorthFL: Who lays those incredible speckled eggs? I've never seen anything like them!
  7. silkiecuddles
    [​IMG]so funnily written! (In a good way!) love this story. Great job, and congrats on making POW!
  8. Gilmore768
    This could easily happen to me. Doing my best to stay under control.
    Nice flock.
  9. LeafBlade12345
    How cute! Love it.

  10. BoomChickaPop
    Such a FUNNY story
    Congrats on winning POW!
    I love how you put this story together chick ADDICTION

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