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    [​IMG]2013 Chicks Hatching[​IMG]

    • First hatch is due May 21st! (11 eggs set)
    • Second hatch is due May 28th! (13 eggs set)
    • Third hatch is due July 28th (17 eggs set)
    This page is just to showcase all my chicks! So have fun and leave comments! [​IMG]
    I'm going to try to guess who their parents are! My roosters are a silkie, blrw, and a cochin and so many different breeds of hens so this could get fun. [​IMG]

    Chick #1 Just hatched! 4 days late!! I'll add pics later but s/he is black with fluffy feet so my Cochin rooster is obvs the daddy! He came out of a regular brown egg (so I'll try to guess the mom later.) His name is Theseus

    Chick #2 is a Turken!! She hatched this morning and is soooo cute. Dad is a blrw and mom is obviously the turken! Her name is Poppy

    Chick #3 is fluffy and black but without yellow like the other one. She hatched in the afternoon and had to be taken in to dry off because the mom was done hatching. So her and the rest of the eggs were put in the brooder. But thankfully she dried off quick and is now back under mommy. Dad = cochin. Mom = ? This ones name is Hazel Nut

    Chick #4 is a day early from my silkie's batch! This one is soft as a feather (no pun intended) and black and fluffy. Dad = cochin. Mom = Easter Egger! Her name is Thumbelina! Because she's extra fluffy and extra tiny.

    Chick #5 is Pip. His head is all brown and the rest of him black. Dad = cochin. Mom=?

    Chick #6 is Posie. Her head is a little brown and the rest of her black. Dad = cochin. Mom = ?

    Chick #7 is another Turken! Yeaaaah!!! Dad = blrw Mom = turken Her name is Firefly

    Chick #8 a tiny black chick that I can barely ever see. Dad = Cochin Mom =? Name: Tino

    Chick #9 is finally one that is not black and fluffy (other than the Turkens)! She was born just yesterday and I think our last hatcher. She's got a funny yellow with black striped head, no feathery feet, and a silvery body with yellow and black stripes. SO CUTE. She came from a white egg so I'm guessing her mom is either a Hamburg or lakenvelder. But based by the colors I'm voting Hamburg. Dad= blrw. (Turns out this one was actually the lakenvelder!)

    So exciting! The first three chicks are on the ground now running around and Pip keeps going in my silkies broody box with the other chicks! So the poor other hen just has one baby, Posie.

    Chick #10 hatched a little late and needed some help! But he's all good now and back with mommy. Dad=silkie. Mom=my other silkie.

    Chick #1 of the newest hatch hatched way before anyone else! Her mom is a Red Star and her daddy is the Cochin! She has a lot of sass and her name is Agatha.

    Chick #2 hatched a little later but sadly did not make it. It would have been yellow like Agatha. I'm not really sure what happened but it was sad.

    Chick #3 hatched out and was also yellow! I'm kind of surprised because my last hatch was mostly black and all of a sudden I have a bunch of blonde babies! She's really tiny and her name is Zelma. Mom=orpington Dad=cochin

    Chick #4 I was really excited about! I've never seen a bird like it! She's a black turken with fluffy feet! So cute! All of the turkens I've hatched have been buff colored like their mom so I was really excited to see a black one! Her name is Gertrude. It's funny because she really likes Penguin but Penguin was too big to be in with them so I had to separate him. Mom= turken dad= cochin

    So that is the last hatch of 2013! Can't wait to see what next year brings♥

    2014 hatch: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/2014-hatching

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