Hatching a Chick in a Cup: Can You Do it and How?

Have you ever broken an egg while moving it to incubation? In this article I will explain how to rescue accidents like that by using an artificial...
By Gwynevere · Oct 10, 2018 · ·
  1. The Farmers' Daughter
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Nov 6, 2018
    Well researched and written.

    I'd love to hear results if someone tries this.
  2. Natanya
    "Can't be done at home without oxygen"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Nov 2, 2018
    This article as it stand feels significantly incomplete. I look forward to future revisions including information on the efficacy of home-generated oxygen.
  3. MarlyMonster
    "Good summary, however key point is missing"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Oct 29, 2018
    I’ve been interested in this experiment myself and while your summary is brilliant, the key point you’re missing is the fact that you need to pump straight oxygen into the artificial vessel from day 17 till hatch, which is a step that cannot be left out. In the article it is explained that all embryos without O2 during the last days died, so unless you have an oxygen supply this experiment will probably fail at home.
    Great article otherwise though!
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    1. Gwynevere
      Yes I did read that section of the article as well and I mentioned in a few places in my write up of it that pure oxygen was supplied in the lab. However I didn't think it was feasible for most backyard breeders to supply pure oxygen like that so I chose not to put a lot of emphasis on it in this article. If I had hatching eggs to try it with I would love to test and see how badly the oxygen is needed and what the hatchability rate would be without it. Thank you for reading though!! :)
  4. andreanar
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 27, 2018
    Has anyone tried it?
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  5. Silkies rule Forever
    "Sooooo cool"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 26, 2018
    amazing article that is very informational!!
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  6. AnimalGeek23
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 26, 2018
    Simply amazing. I love how you spent time researching it. It’s a very interesting idea! Thanks for writing this!
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  7. RodNTN
    "Very interesting article!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 26, 2018
    I clicked on this thinking it would be one of those science projects that pop up every now and then, but I am so glad I did click it; I found it so interesting I'm reading it again! Thanks!
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