Hatching chicks!

Incubating eggs is an amazing experience!
  1. TheBantamPhantom
    Hi it's me! I've hatched chicks before and now I'm back at it again! It's such an amazing experience to hatch your own chicks. they become your own babies! I started incubating in my mini incubator on the 1st of August and it takes 21 days (or 3 weeks) for chicks to hatch so they will be hatching on this coming Monday and also they will be eclipse babies! I'm so excited! I know the eggs are fertil because I have two roosters that mate with my hens. The babies could either be Just Americana, Jersey giant, silkie mixes or Americauna,Jersey giant, silkie, buff Cochin bantam. That will be interesting The eggs are small and some are blue so I know they are from my Americana,Jersey giant,silkie mix girls. I candle once in a while and there are babies in four of them! 3 blue ones and 1 brown one. Sometimes when I candle them I can see the babies moving! I'm so excited! If you ever decide to hatch your own chicks know that the incubator should be set to 38.2 Celsius for chicken eggs. And there should always be water in the incubator. Remember to turn the eggs twice a day and you could be a successful chicken mommy thanks for reading bye bye!

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