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    Email or PM for current egg/shipping prices and availability - shipping to the lower 48 states only via USPS Priority Mail

    Purebred Hatching Eggs (chicks and started birds occasionally available for pickup only):

    White Crested Bantam Polish - frizzles/smooths, solids/cuckoos in black, blue, splash, dun, khaki
    Silkies - gold/silver/blue partridge, and black/blue/splash in cuckoo and solid
    Bantam Cochins - solids/mottled/barred in black/blue/splash, lavender, gold/silver laced, "fancy" frizzled
    Seramas - A, B & C class, in many colors and patterns, including mottled, barred and laced
    Belgian D'Uccles - porcelain, lavender, mille fleur split to lavender
    LF Wyandottes - blue/splash laced red

    Also have lots of - various sizes, colors, and feather textures, all of which lay eggs in different shades of blue, green, pink and peachEaster Eggers

    Misc. Fowl - by special order only (email or PM for details):

    - pearl, pied, lavender, lavender piedGuineas
    Muscovies - black, blue, chocolate and lilac in barred, pied, and barred/pied patterns
    Mandarins - normal, white, and split to white

    On-going Projects - eggs/chicks/started birds occasionally available:

    Bantam Polish - white crested platinum (combination of Andalusian blue and dun) in frizzled and smooth feathering
    LF Polish - tolbunt, in frizzled and smooth feathering
    Silkies - dun and khaki
    Bantam Cochins - barred and solid colors in black/blue/splash and lavender, with silkied feathering*
    LF Ameraucanas - black/blue/splash with silkied feathering*

    (*Silkied feathering - these are NOT crosses with silkies, they're pure breeds with silkie type plumage!)

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