Hatching Eggs

By ChooksChick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ChooksChick
    Please email me or PM me regarding purchase of chicks or hatching eggs.
    BantamsLarge Fowl
    d'Uccles-Mottled/Mille Fleur/Porcelain (Isabel Project)
    Easter Eggers
    Cochins-Blue/Black/Mottled/Blue Mottled/Frizzled/Silkied Ameraucana Projects-Silkied/Splash/Calico, Paint, Red Pyle
    Silkies-Blue/Black/Splash/Partridge/WhiteOrpington Projects-Blue/Black/Lavender/Isabel/Porcelain
    Wakarusas-(Copper-necked, crested, bearded, feather-legged)Chanteclers-Partridge (Black & Columbian Projects)
    Marans-French Black Copper
    Exotic Antiquities
    Rapa Nui Raraku
    (Bearded, Crested, Leg/Foot-Feathered, Soft-feathered, Docile breed)
    Nikkei/MapucheHeritage Barred Rock-Blue Barred/Silver Barred

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