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He Thinks He Is A Keet

By dog88 · Jul 4, 2012 · ·
  1. dog88
    He thinks he is a keet?
    I just purchased 10 cute keets. 4 gray ones 3 white ones 2 half in half ones and a brown one. When my mom thought that's it no more pets my aunts duck eggs hatched! We rushed to her house and fell in love with one duck now named Kiwi[​IMG]. Since we had the keets we put Kiwi with them and now the duckling plays , sleeps and cuddles with them[​IMG]. He will not leave there sides and always follows around Pig Pen ( the brown keet ). We think he really thinks he is a keet!

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  1. dog88
    well @Lollipop i also have 2 chickens and getting 4 more babies in my coop so i hope he will not get lonely then
  2. Lollipop
    Funny stuff. As long as they are confined, he will be fine, but as they grow and free range, he will be a lonely duck........Pop

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