Heated Waterer

By ChooksChick · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. ChooksChick
    Easy Affordable Heated Waterer

    My favorite way to use the 1 gallon waterers we all have a zillion of, despite freezing temps is to use a heated dog bowl like this
    Then I fill it to about an inch from the top with sand and plug it in. This is where you work the waterer down into it a bit and the heated sand keeps your waterer thawed!

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  1. ChooksChick
    You can bookmark this page just like any other web page or you can hit subscribe at the top on the right. Anything you subscribe to will be in your subscriptions! The dog bowl runs about $15 if you watch for sales throughout the year.
  2. jimmywalt
    Now how to I bookmark this so that I will have it come fall?
  3. jimmywalt
    That's a GREAT idea. How much did the dog bowl cost?

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