Hi there! My name is Rosey, I live with my family just south of Houston, TX . I've been lurking since may, when I started this endevour, and I am very greatful for all the folks here and the amazing wealth of information available here @ BYC.

I started with eight Black Star/Welsumner 2 day old peepers, that I split with a girlfriend, 3 of the 4 I kept were roos (yay me and my peeper picking abilities, out of 8 chicks I picked 5 boys and 3 girls) I traded my roos for girlies (I have an amazing chicken man fairly close to me) and now I have Flower, the only original remaining, Black star/Welsumner mix, Princess Egg Laya-Buff Orphington, Jenny & Penny Amerucana, & our newest Belle Pepper who is a lovely Barred Rock. They pyramid in age but the are all are between 4-6 months old. Jenny & Penny, they are the same age/oldest, are laying and have been for a few weeks.

My hubby built a run and a fabulous hen house, but my girls free range in the yard all day long.

Again, just wanted to say 'Hello' and thanks for all the great info.