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  1. Sandstorm495
    Hi all,
    Hope you enjoy reading!

    We first got our chickens about 2 or 3 years ago. We got them as chicks from the markets.
    They are a type of Sex link or could be Red Stars. We started out having 4 chickens, that was reduced, sadly, but we got more. Today we only have four chickens, but they are still good pets and very amusing.

    Here are some pictures:






    Louise, (the chicken with reddish brown feathers) sadly passed away around Decemberl. We think she was egg bound, but we couldn't be sure. Now, we realize it's more probable that she had EYP.

    Today, the four chickens we have now are getting old. We only had two regular layers out of the four of them! However the two who don't lay much, manage to lay an egg here and there, even if it's not often. One of the four chickens we have, Martha, has a broken leg, however she now gets around as well as the others, after some good care right at home!

    However, that was soon to change. After changing their feed, we now have four regular layers!
    We hope to get 8 more chickens in August, but where we can fit the older chickens remains to be seen!

    Now to the rabbits! They are each about 3 years old, and are half dwarf rabbit. None of them are aggressive. They are very close with each other, and it's so cute to watch them following each other around everywhere and copying each other!
    We were told they were all girls when we first got them but a littler from the black female rabbit soon told us they weren't! The grey rabbit was a male and we promptly changed his name from Lily to Jack! The other rabbit, a grey brown color, was also a female. So two females, and one male. That causes trouble, so we got the male rabbit desexed. But not before the black female, Blackie, had had another two litters! Sadly her last litter was the weakest, and out of the two rabbits she gave birth too, only one was healthy. The other was half blind and ran away. We kept the healthy rabbit, and called him Smokey because of his brown\grey fur.

    This is Smokey

    This is Blackie

    And these two pictures below are of Jack


    Hope you all enjoyed reading, and please comment!

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  1. Eileen 1930
    can any one tell the sex or gender of these chickens?
    I am new at this and no one answers my question. LOL
    I am 83 and live alone and I have 2 Runner black ducks.
    and 5 chickens. They are 11 weeks old. Please help!!!!!!!!
    Eileen 1930
  2. Sandstorm495
  3. Bossy Bantams
    Wow! You have some nice animals! :)
  4. BantamFan4Life
  5. cluckcluckluke
  6. Whittni
    Thanks for sharing!
  7. chickenboy190
    Good luck with your new chickens cool story.

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