Help with our chickens! Please!

By briannaembrey · Jun 30, 2014 · ·
  1. briannaembrey
    We have 4 baby chickens that were born on Easter. We don't know much about them because about a month ago they were given to us. We got two new chickens a few days ago and our chickens are about 3 months. They can still run, but our new chickens are about 1 1/2. They had the pecking order thing going on and the baby chicken got stuck in the fence then the other chicken (older one) that wanted to be top chicken stared pecking the crap out of it. We removed the chicken and its inside. Its doing good,

    1.) When should we put the chicken back in the coop?
    2.) How should we put it back or introduce them?
    3.) Does anyone think this will happen again if we baby-proof the chicken coop?

    Thank you!

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  1. briannaembrey
  2. edwarra
    Put them in runs or cages next to each other for a while. They get used to seeing the other chicken and after about a week take the cages away. That's what I was told to do.hope tha helps

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