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By flapjackfarm · Sep 15, 2015 ·
  1. flapjackfarm
    Let me first do a little introduction...
    Hi! I'm a newly found poultry addict and at the young age of 23, I'm on my way to living my dream life with my dream guy of 7 1/2 years and our adorable little baby boy. We've recently moved to the country side (my guy grew up in the country; I did not). It's always been a dream of mine to have a beautiful, yet modest farmhouse on some land and have a small hobby farm. Currently, we're residing with my in-laws while we wait for our house in the city to sell. I'm very appreciative, but I'm ready to be homeowners again! I can't wait until we can have our little farm, which I've decided to name Hen Hatch Farm, despite my user name of flapjackfarm [​IMG]
    Here is a photo I took of my in-laws backyard. Gorgeous, isn't it?! Pure Michigan [​IMG]

    Now, on to the critters! I've got 3 ducks - 1 Rouen named Chicken and 2 Black Swedish named Nibbles and Casey. We've also got 8 chickens, 2 of which are mine and the other 6 are my in-laws. My 2 chickens, both Old English Game Bantams, are named Bayou the rooster and Henny. We are also lucky enough to have 2 wonderful dogs (a chocolate lab and a rescue beagle) and 2 rescue cats.
    My adventures with poultry has been eventful so far. I lost one of my Rouen to a pesky hawk (RIP, Waffles). My dad felt horrible, so he wanted to make it right. He got me the 2 Black Swedish ducklings as a gift and built me their house. I don't have much information on how the house was built. I just know that it's 3' wide x 4' long and has a 2.5' height on one end and the other end is 4' high. I don't have a lot of information on the run either since my father in-law kind of took over the build, but I know it's 4' high on one end and 6' high on the other.
    This is right after he finished building it. We laid a thin sheet of rubber on the floor and about 6 inches up the walls for easy cleaning.

    And here is the finished product. I'm sorry it's not a full picture. I will have to take more photos later. We added a pallet in front of the house to use as a deck and it's great to set their water on. It's helping to keep down on the mud. The run is 6' wide and 10' long. The run is completely covered in poultry netting, with a double layer on the bottom 2'.
    It's not the prettiest set up, but for less than $50 to build, I can't complain. My dad is a contractor, so all of the wood material is cedar that he salvaged from a job. We had to purchase one sheet of plywood, poultry netting, hinges for the run door, and a barrel lock for the house door. That's it! I'll be on the hunt for an appropriate sized swimming pool very soon with all of the summer items going on clearance.
    All 3 of the ducks seem very happy with their new pen and that's all that I can ask.

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