Hi this is Henney Penny,my love and interest in chickens started almost four years ago.My husband and I have a playhouse that he built for our two granddaughters, they were to old to play in it anymore so I was wondering what to do with it,I had always thought about having chickens but thought it would be to much work.But I really wanted to try it and have my own fresh eggs,I started out with sex-links, 5 black and 5 golden comets.Needless to say I loved it and the eggs were great,and I sold enough to buy my feed.So the next year I got some EE`s to add to the mix and last year I got two faverolles and some buff orpingtons.This year I got some eggs form ebay and have some blue,splash and black orps.Oh! how could I forget my silkies,someone gave me some and thats all that took!I love them,I have 27 at this moment,11 are new babies.I have blacks,blues,whites.splash and partridge.Great little broodies.I live in Northern Maine so it gets mighty cold here at times,but all my chickens are winter hardy and I do provide heat lamps for the silkies even though they probably don`t need them.I have a nice insulated coop and we just added on last year.Well thats my story of how I started raising chickens.Here are some pics of my chickens,orps and silkies and one white crested polish.