^ Her name is Azula.

^ Azula's sister, Felicia. If you pick her up she holds very, very still and never stops beeping. "Bee...bee...ha...bee..."
Both of these ladies, and their brother Bear, and hatched from eggs from Peachick.
Right now I have 11 of these beauties, theoretically all purebred. Ursa Major, aka Bear,

Is my best standard male. He has three spurs, very pretty boy.

Viktor. He has eight little spurs on each leg. Yes, that's a goat in the background.

^A bad image, ignore purple sweatpants please..

Sadly, I have but one splash.
He's insane.
And ugly.

I keep him for sentimental value, I guess, as his dad Flint, my very first Sumatra, was very calm and benevolent and died an early death.

So far, that's the end of the page! I'll fill this with pictures someday.