Where do I begin?
Best to begin at the begining I reckon. Now how I come to this place. I am not sure really I was looking for something and I happen by chance to see this site. I saw many people whith many problems much like me, but like me they didn't have answewrs to what they needed. I on the other hand was on a message board and as the poeple here are/is guilded by very wise and very educated people so I thought I would par take and might try to help some if I could and I thought maybe the people I knew might be able to help some of the people I know. But BUT they live ( most of them) live on the other side of the pond, that is to say they live in Australia, Tasmania, I think a few are in Canada to. But these people are wise also.
I can't say they are wiser this would be a in sault they know much as do these people here you can't not just as to who know more, it is not fair, people who have chicken for many many years I feel can still learn some they did not know so I think it is even, do you??

About me? not much to me, my name is Rhayden it is a name I use on the computer, I don't use my acutual name, to many bad people out there, and no I don't think you people are bad but you can't say who you could be talking to and I am sure you have heard the stories of how people have met other people on the net or have given their name on the net and they disappeared. On Google over here in the USA (excuse me I am not sure if this is all USA or other countries) you can put your name in and you can find a person address out or you put the phone number in and you get the address and you can get DIRECTIONS TO THE HOUSE, on ZEBASEARCH you can do the same thing. so I use a false name. I live near Charlotte NC, I am 51 years old, I am happily married most of the time. I have one son and he is mentally challenged. I live on about a acre of land and I have 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and some babies and 2 cats I have live out here in the south since 96 but I live in PA most of 33 years. I have one sister that in MO. My mother died in 2008 and my father is still in PA. I don't know what else to tell you.