April 11, 2011

Today I locked down my first batch of eggs. My friend Pam from Alvord donated 25 eggs for this project. I got my mother's old Brower incubator. It was full of dirt dobber nest. I cleaned it out and the heating element was out. I think. I took it to my co-working mechanic hoping he would fix that for me. I couldn't wait any longer and bid on a Little GIant incubator on Ebay. I still couldn't wait and so usually not ever winning anything on Ebay I went to Tractor supply and bought one.
There was an accident with the temperature adjustement. It was mistakenly raised to 102 degrees to 104 degrees, Way to high. I thought I might have lost all of them. I bid on several egg offers on Ebay. I won 3 of them. My friend suggested I toss the overheated eggs they were probably dead and again donated 36 eggs to try again. I candled the eggs that were overheated and saw signs of life in some of the eggs. SO I continued incubating them. Now I have Two incubator full of eggs. I took the extra eggs from Pam that would not fit to another co worker to incubate. Now I have three orders of eggs coming. My broken incubator is still in the shop. I can't let the eggs that arrived by mail ruin so back to Tractor supply to buy another incubator. Now I have three incubators full of eggs.
This adventure started with a free incuabtor and 25 free eggs. Now I have three working incubators one broken incubator and 130 eggs and no chicken house. If they hatch they will go back to Pam.