Hens 2

By drdoolittle · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. drdoolittle
    Here are some of my hens. This is Cleopatra 1 1/2 yr.-old Australorpe.[​IMG]
    This is Nephertiti, King Strut's favorite, also 1 1/2 yr.-old, Buff Orpington.[​IMG]
    This is Henny Penny, one of my 5 month-old hens.[​IMG] Jewel, Paisley, both 5 months old, and Starlight, 1 1/2 yr. od, are in the background.
    This is Paisley and Whiskers, both 5 months old.[​IMG] And here is Speckles, also 5 months.[​IMG]

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