"Hens Hollow", Crows Nest

By cHURCHY · Jan 23, 2015 · ·
  1. cHURCHY
    Two first-timers left off sitting on a dozen eggs half-way through the deal. Eggs were cold but I put them in the incubator just in case there was a faint heart-beat.. To date, 5 healthy chicks,( three already adopted by one mother, 4 to hatch, 3 deaths. One died of cold before it reached incubator. One did not zip and died in the night. One born quadriplegic from a spinal deformity. Mercifully died in the night.)

    A very cute chick was born with soft, rubbery legs. Right leg splayed out and she could not stand at all. Day one was distressing for both of us. Little chick was exhausted. I gave electrolytes and sprinkled Brewer's Yeast on some egg yoke. Fed her twice. I prayed. This morning, i picked her up and she stood upright on my hand. Now showing off running around with the new arrival. I am relieved and thankful.

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  1. cHURCHY
    No heating but a warm post Christmas January day in Queensland, but the eggs were cold. I really did not think any would have survived but I am glad I doubted. They are hardier than i thought. Two blacj and three golden chicks. 3 more in doubt and one due 31 January. I put that one in just in case the others were not viable. I will have my twelve. Unlicenced 12 is the max I can keep.
  2. crazyfeathers
    Aww good news! What was the temperature outside when you brought the eggs in or is your coop heated?

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