My husband and myself live in Northern CA, in an urban area that unfortunately doesn't allow chickens (hens or roos). So, after checking in with our neighbors (who claimed they used to have chickens AND a horse in their yard 30 years ago when they moved in!) we decided to go ahead with our renegade hens. There are lots of groups in our area trying to change the chicken regulations, so hopefully that will happen soon, but for now I'm taking comfort in the fact that animal control claims to be ignoring the law.
Without further ado, the chicks (purchased 3/26/09 and 3/27, born 3/24 and 3/25). (First picture of each taken at 3 days old, second picture taken at one week old)
Mariposa (Posy) is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. She's one of the smaller of the bunch and is kind of timid.

Xochitl is another GLW. She's larger and more outgoing.

Tenisha is a Barred Rock. I think she may be a he. Oops. S/he's big, very outgoing, and kind of pissy.

Hennessy is another BR. She's smaller and the only one who will eat out of my hand.

Emma is our Buff Orpington. She's sweet and spacey and really adorable.

And finally, we have Wynona (Nona) who is an Ameracuna. She goes back and forth about wanting to be held. At first she was very attached to me, then not so much, but after I took her outside for a bit today she loves me again. She also loves the camera.

More chick/brooder shots:

More pictures of our chickens here: Chicken flickr set
And more info on our website: