Our adventure began with a Easter Chick gift from my Mother to my 10 year old daughter. We added a few chicks so we would have a variety.

I found some plans on the internet, got materials on Monday and by Friday, she and I had built the coop and run.

After a few weeks of letting them free range as much as possible,
I added a couple kennels with wire and tarps across the top for security and shade.

Our girls seem very happy and have started laying.
The White Leghorns

started around 19 weeks and the RIRs
started at 23 weeks.
We still let them free range as much as possible and try very hard to spoil them. They have been a great addition to our family and my daughter has fallen in love with the chickens.
She is unbelievably excited by every new surprise. This is her with the first brown egg.

She got into a little trouble for not waiting!
But they are still good friends

The Buff Orpingtons were the last to start laying at about 25 weeks, but now we are in full production mode!

The adventure continues...