Hi! I am new to forums and new to BYC :)
I thought I wrote my introduction and my first questions...but now I can't find where it went...??? I cant find where to reply to forum posts and post questions...?
Oh well...as I said this is all new to me...
My husband have 5 acres in Central Oklahoma... we are about to build our first greenhouse and we want to build a chicken coop for BYC :)
Why? This past Fall we visited Colonial Williamsburg & Jamestown... a tour guide had a pet chicken that she held and it grazed at we toured... we have 5 G kids all under 5! :) The g.kids want pet chickens and we want to raise eggs...and a friend died last year of lyme disease. We would like to keep the bugs away in our big backyard as well as have pet chickens for the kids.
My husband can build anything...I guess we need to pick a coop plan first...
1: What should be our first things to consider when choosing a coop plan?
2: What is the best breed to be free range AND around the g. kids and give us eggs...(I love pretty chickens! :)
Nice to meet you all and a big Thanks to the moderators! :)
My 2nd day on BYC

Thanks to all of you that greeted me... I uploaded a image of the chicken I saw at Colonial Jamestown Settlement, for those of you that might be able to identify...but I think I am still a NEW Chick to the system.... 'cluck-cluck'