Hey BYC!
Im sixteen years old, from San Diego, and i'm obsessed with chickens. I have one handicapped, bantam hen who is such a loving and loyal chicken. She really got me hooked on all of the types of birds, especially chickens, ducks, and geese. I got my first chicken a year ago from a very odd biology teacher. She kept a small chicken in a cage in the back of the class! The small bantam chicken was brought in one day and everyone was shocked. She was crippled in one leg and hopped around in the cramped cage. I became so interested in chickens and was soon obsessed. By the end of the year teachers had made complaints about the smell and she needed to find it a new home. After a few days had passed nobody seemed interested so I asked my mom ( told her the sad story of her life) and to my surprise she told me I could have her. Now becky hops around in her coop and grassy run. Delete