[FONT=georgia,palatino]My name is Ada Hirsch I live in Westminster Sc. with my family and my pets. I have a very small farm of chickens, and angora bunnies and we just got three pygora goats and some dogs that are our pets. i also bred Himalayan cats and show them as well. But My love for chickens and farm animals came about when we move here to this 8 acre farm. and I want chickens for eggs. and when I seen how many different kinds there were I just could not belive it and when I seen the silkies and cochin bantams I said to my husband I have to have some of those. Thats how I got chickens .I also learn to spin and knit and thats how I got my bunnies and goats. hope to get some alpacas too. here are a few of my chicken and bunnies. will take some of my goats soon. hope You will love them as much as I do. [/FONT]