His Name Is Big Boy

By Chica Lady · Jul 11, 2012 ·
  1. Chica Lady
    Describe 'His name is Big Boy' here[​IMG]

    I was brand new to chickens. I had 7 bitties in the brooder that were 1 week old when Big Boy and his wife One Eyed Jackie, were given to me. It was only just back in the beginning of April. We got them at night, and my DH but them in the chicken hutch. When I went out the next day, and saw them for the first time, the first thing I said when I saw him was "Hi Big Boy". And that's how he got his name. Since then, he has proven to be the best rooster anyone could ask for.

    One of his favorite activities is to romance his wife. When Jackie went broody I didn't know and I was eating her eggs. Well, I figured out that she was broody and was not laying anymore. I got two fertile eggs from a local chicken farmer. Jackie sat on them like a good mama. One of the eggs got broken, but she did hatch out the second one. By the time that bittie was a week old, I was given another two bitties, and she adopted them. Big Boy took to being a dad like an old pro. He protects his wife and bitties just as if he was protecting himself. He is not lovey and snuggly, but when I do catch him, he is very docile and friendly. He lets me stroke his comb and wattles. Big Boy loves to eat out of my hand. He keeps the other, younger chickens in line. He does not let them get away with anything. And now he is even starting to try and get romantic with the younger pullets. I love my Big Boy and would not ever let anything happen to him.

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  1. PekinBantam
    Awww... He looks like my Pekin mix Jessie, he was stolen a while back in a storm/black out
  2. sunshine ducky
    he does look cool rooster
  3. Chica Lady
    thank you everyone... chickensman98, She only had one eye when I got her, so that's why I named her ONe-Eyed Jackie
  4. hoangduyanh
  5. KneeDeep
    NookNook01, all I can say is that chicken love is not sweet love. Your young roo is just trying to get lucky...
  6. chickensman98
    i love the name One Eyed Jackie!! haha
  7. Chicken Lover 1
    Your lucky you got such a nice roo and a pretty one
  8. Peepsicle
    My cockerel, Speckles, is really sweet, too. the only thing is, when he starts crowing we have to find him a home, b/w I can't keep a rooster at my house.
  9. zsa zsa
    Good roosters are hard to find. My rooster, Frenchie is six years old and starting to show his age. :( It will be a very sad day when he goes.
  10. Chica Lady
    clucky3255... I was told that he and Jackie were a year old. That was back in April.
    Wow!! Im so excited!!! I cant believe that I got picked for POW!!! Thank you BYC
  11. NookNook01
    Hey Y'all,
    This may or may not be a good place to ask this but here goes...I have a Rooster that has recently begun crowing and discovering himself. My question is, Is He A Bully??? He does this little sideways tap dance toward the girls....then grabs on to them and they protest and run from him...is he establishing his role as a Roo or just being mean???
  12. clucky3255
    he is so big!how old is he?
  13. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  14. Chica Lady
    Thanx... He is really GREAT!!!!
  15. 3 Golden Girls
    He is a handsome guy!
  16. Chica Lady
    Thanx to both
  17. localcommotion42
    Aww! So sweet!
  18. Yard Rat
    Sounds like my Edgar here, he knows he is rooster and the man of the coop, but when we catch him he lets us dress him up so cute

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