So I have finally decided to start a BYC page. Why? Because I don't sleep well at night and I thought it would give me something constructive to do, and tonight I have plenty of stress.
So a little about me: I'm Lindsay, I have three little girls, Logan (4), Jordan (3), and Morgan (1), and a wonderful husband Wes. We live in rural Parke Co. Indiana on a little 5 acre wannabe homestead. Right now I have a bunny rabbit that the girls named Heart, 83 chickens, and 2 keets. How I got up to that many? Because I'm a softy and a sucker. I took in 54 rescues, a little over half roosters that were crammed in tiny little wire cages that could not move. They had been laying in their poo for who knows how long, and I bought them. I spent all of my money on a bunch of roosters, because I can't handle seeing any animal suffer. It made me sick, emotionally, and physically (the smell). They are all now in my quarantine coop (thank God we built one just for this purpose).