Deleted the story. I got tired of writing it. So anyway, I guess you could call me Plant cause Honey and Suckle would sound weird. I have 1 Barred Rock hen, 3 Black sex-links. We also have more 6 week old chicks then we need :) I lost count of them, but I believe it's 21 cheeping chicks. I don't know all their breeds yet, oh, and they are hatchery chicks from Mcmurray. I like video games, reading, swimming, and chickens. I'm getting a old gameboy game even though I don't have a gameboy, 'cause my friend said who could put it in a console I have. I don't know if I like The legend of Zelda yet, so yeah. Reading the Cell. It weird so far. Got a small pool. Told about the chickens. So....well that's all for now, folks!
*Update* (which means I was to lazy to delete the text above)
Reading Blaze now. Much better then Cell in my opinion. But I only read the first couple of pages of Cell. I can't believe I read 133 pages of Blaze in half a day. o.o I spent all night reading. Finally got the Zelda game. It HAS to be the one game that doesn't include the triforce or Ganon or anything. Just midget Link running around getting cello's and horn's. I think Gameboy games have more work put into them. 'Cause it was a new system and stuff. But it payed off because people were curious about it. I will never play a NES game. Because I've never seen a NES or a N64. Sega is the oldest game system I have seen in real life. My cousin has one he never plays. Hmmmmmm...can't think of anything else. Oh, and I only have about 10 chicks now. Killed by a fox or something. I still have a couple I like, but my favorite was killed. THIS IS JUST GREAT. I JUST TYPED ANOTHER PARAGRAPH AND THIS COMPUTER DELETED IT. IM GONNA KILL IT. *phew* Im fine. :D Im bored, so go ahead and message me if ya want, I'm bored. I want that passage back. :/
*Yet another meaningless update* Hi. Just bored a usal. Nothing to do today. Im and going to try and make the longest sentence that makes sence. LETS GO. READY STEADY...GO! The little hen was happy about her new nest because it had hay the farm borrowed from a man named Burt and she knew he didn't like Burt very much because he was rude and hit her once with the tip of his boot for no reason and it hurt her for a while and then she laid her egg and gave it to him so he would aplozize but he didn't so she just cried like a hen always does and then she laid her real egg and this sentence is done. Wooo...

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