Hoog's BYC Page
In 2009 my wife and I bought a house with 7 acres. We both love animals in our lives but have always lived in the city and never considered chickens until we got the acrage. Now I am trying to find the best breed of chicken for my family and me. So far it has been a much bigger financial investment than return but the experince makes it well worth it.
I also want a flock of good layers. I started with the Leghorn but it seems they burn out so quickly and are not good pets. I am considering Rhode Island Reds for my primary egg-layers instead.
I am trying to develope a flock of dual purpose chickens that are heat tolerent, broody, and motherly. Essentialy a durable, self-sustaining, flock of birds for meat. I have decided to focus on the New Hamshire for that purpose.

Some Photos: