How To Fix Spraddle Leg

By Lady Chickadee · Feb 18, 2012 · ·
  1. Lady Chickadee
    How To Fix Spraddle Leg Using Vet Wrap
    We have tried several ways in fixing spraddle leg but usually the chick just falls over and lays on its back, not able to walk. We read somewhere to try vet wrap, and that works best for us. The band aid way,hair band way,and other ways just didn't work for us. Using vet wrap is really easy and allows the chick to walk with the vet wrap holding its legs together and its easy for the chick to get used to. Its also really easy to get off and if the chick has feathered legs it won't pull the feathers off the chicks legs. Its also really easy to put on the chick. I'll show you how to put the vet wrap on the chick below. There are only easy steps!!!THREE

    1. Cut off a piece of vet wrap that's about this big(For standard sized chicks or larger chicks you'll probably need to make it bigger than this.The finger is just for a size reference.)
    2. Fold the piece of vet wrap in half, length wise. Folding it in half makes it a little stronger.
    3. Fold it around the chicks legs to where the chicks legs are together and so it can stand properly and its legs aren't out to its sides.
    With silkie chicks, make sure all five toes are out and are not stuck in the vet wrap. You might have to adjust the vet wrap when you put it on the chick, like if there is a piece sticking out then just fold it over. If it falls off then that means it is not tight enough on the chick's legs, but make sure not to make it too tight though.
    It might take it a while to get used to the vet wrap around its legs but if it falls over just set it back up. Also, if its a newly hatched chick I usually wait a few days until it has its FULL energy so that it won't wear itself out if its not used to it yet. Some chicks are immediately used to it but others might take a while to get used to it. Also, some cases are worse than others but vet wrap should do the trick. Another thing I like to do is use paper towels(for bedding) that have a lot of texture so that the chick can get its grip instead of slipping.
    I hope this helps!!!!! If you have any tricks or tips for spraddle leg please comment below!!!

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  1. Whittni
    I also used a band-aid but I bough the the cloth ones so it would stay.
  2. Lady Chickadee
    Thanks! We also tried band-aids but the chick would just fall over and it never got used to it.
  3. MobyQuail
    good idea with the vet wrap, we had used band-aid but were sticky. smart work with the vet wrap!

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