How to Make Nest Boxes More Enjoyable

By Mountain Peeps · Nov 13, 2014 · Updated Apr 1, 2015 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps
    Tips for Making Nest Boxes More Enjoyable for You and Your Hens

    Nest boxes are where your hens lay those beautiful, tasty, bountiful eggs. That is their number one place to turn to when the egg is coming. So why make it dull and uncomfortable? Below, I have written some ideas on how to make your nesting boxes more enjoyable for both you and your hens.

    Pretty nests are a big perk for you. Your hens won't care as much. Some things I've found that can turn a boring nest into a brilliant one include duck tape, posters and fake flowers. (Make sure that your hens don't try and eat any of these items especially the fake flowers which they more than likely will try.) I put duck tape around the sides and on the inside, fake flowers on top and then a poster inside.

    Herbs are another addition which you and your hens will greatly enjoy. Herbs such as lavender, thyme, marigolds, mint, catnip and yarrow are all highly aromatic and soothing to laying hens. Here is another article I wrote specifically on herbs for nest boxes.

    Hens also appreciate comfy bedding in which they can nestle down and get snuggly in. Imagine laying in a small, hard and uncomfortable box for hours each day! The best bedding to use in the nests include pine shavings and straw. Avoid cedar shavings and shredded paper. IMG_9734.jpg

    Decorations, bedding and herbs will help spruce up your nest boxes to a degree to which both you and your hens can benefit from. What better place to lay eggs than in a comfy and decorated nest!

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Thanks everyone!:)
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    Great article Mountain Peeps. You are the queen of the Herbal Nest Box! :)
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    Awesome article MP!!! Sadly, my nest boxes are... BoRiNg!!
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    Good article. Like the scattered herbs idea, too.
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    Another great article Mountain Peeps!! Your nesting boxes are really cute!! <3 Thanks for sharing!!
  8. mymilliefleur
    Good article. my girls would probably mess up the tape, but I do like puting herbs and flowers in my boxes just to freshen things up a bit. :)

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