How To Raise Baby Chicks—The First 60 Days Of Raising Baby Chickens

Even though I've raised several baby chicks, this article was a great reminder for all of the little things one can forget that can have a big impact! Thanks!
While reading this I remembered I need to change the bedding in the brooder because the waterer leaked last night. I don’t need the chicks getting sick from something that is easily prevented.
Enjoyed reading this info. Didnt know about pasty bottoms
Thanks for this...a good intro!
Thank you for the info.
A lot of good information here
I found this quite helpful in getting the basics down for chick care. A lot of it is common sense, but when raising chickens for the first time mistakes are bound to happen, and a quick go-to list of the essentials is great.

A lot of times I find myself overwhelmed with too much information, and I get paralyzed with indecision. This is just the right amount of information to get started.
Was not sure if needed grit along side their chick food as they are only 3days old. Thanks!
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I raised 13 in my office and the feather dust was in my computer, clothes in my closet and everywhere. I Would like to have planned that part better next time, but I would do it all over again. They all turned out healthy with no drafts and a steady temperature with being in the house. They are very tame lap chickens from seeing me and hearing my voice from all the hours I spent in my office with them.
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Very useful, thank you :jumpy
A good introduction to raising baby chicks

The article would be better by updating for new methods, like using brooder plates instead of lightd
Well written, minimal typos. A good read for anyone just starting out raising chickens.
Article is a little sparse, sticking to pretty much the old traditional basics... which is fine, and basically helpful. But times are changing and it would be nice to expand and offer even more information. I'd like to see reference to:
-Alternative heat sources such as heating plates or MHP with links
-Other common problems in chicks and what to do
-Essentials to keep handy in a first aid kit
-When and how to move chicks to the coop, or at least a link for what to do after 60 days
I do remember reading this article before I got chicks for myself and it only barely got me started.
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