How To Secure A Chicken Pen From Predators

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    How to secure a chicken pen from predators ,Here are a few easy steps when creating your chicken pin to secure the safety of your chickens from Predators .

    1# When making your chicken pen you might need to take some chicken wire and bury some of the wire about six to twelve inches deep in the ground to secure the safety of your chickens from predators digging under the fenced in area as easily ,then secure the wire to the bottom of your chicken pin .


    2# When creating a chicken coop make sure the corners of the pen are very secure because the corners will be target by the predators ,also make sure your chicken pen door is tightly locked so it cannot move ,because predators like skunks and ferrets can wiggle their way into the pen .

    3# Make sure your nesting boxes (If on outside of pin is door to collect eggs) are locked every night predators often come at night but also it is not unusual for predators to try in the day time .

    4#You may want to close your chicken house door right before it gets dark ,it is preferred to have a lock on your door to keep your chickens safe.

    5# This is a optional thing to do for your chicken pin ,If you look out at your chickens pen at night time this might be a good thing to do It has helped me ,You can purchase a motion detector light That will come on when something moves next to the pin such as predators

    6# You can also put rock around the chicken pen to secure it or by using garden wire with rocks piled on top of it,Or you could secure it from digging by putting cement around it ,But if you are looking for a cheaper way to do it you should try the rocks with garden wire around the pen, another way instead of the wire is to bill the inside of your chicken pen with rocks to make it harder for a predator to dog into .

    7# One of the most important thing for safety to your chickens in your chicken pen is to have it in a spot were the is not much water running when raining for it can wash out the dirt around the chicken pen which can result in predators getting in, But you can get peat moss which absorbs some of the water ,also you must think of where you place if you place it near the woods I would tend to put more protection for the pen such as in these steps to help secure it you may want to use very strong wood preferably something that will not rot after a while of rain such as weathered wood at a hardware store.

    8# There is not much else to do to secure your chicken pen but here are a few more things to do you can put plastic or a tarp over the top of your chicken pen then tie it to the wire on top to prevent predators from getting in it may cause the predator to give up because it is to slippery on the top to get to the wire to work their way in.

    Thank you for reading this I hope it helps you in raising your chickens safe from predators .

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  1. Marks Chicks
    I thought I read something about two little red lights serving as good protection, because they look like red eyes that will scare off smaller predators like racoons? Is this accurate?
  2. chicks4fun
    thanks for the tips

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