How to tame geese

By Embden Geese · Jan 19, 2018 ·
  1. Embden Geese
    Geese are very territorial animals and taming them can be a long process, but doing it in the right way can be simple so I put together a list of instructions to help you on your way.

    * When you tame geese you need to show them that you are not a threat, despite what is said on the internet the worst thing you can do is make yourself look big because they will be scared of you and when you try to get near them they will panic and may even bite so you. So first you need to bring them something they like for example salad, apple core or banana and crouch down so you look small and throw the treat a metre or two away from you and if the look a little bit uncomfortable take a step back and make sure you keep eye contact with the gander another good thing to do is play them meditation music I know this might seem weird but it really helps to calm them down. Each time you give them a treat put it a little bit closer to you than before.

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