O.K. I decided to add something to my page.
I am a country girl at heart, but my DH is a city boy and so here I am in Tucson AZ. Luckily we found an acre and a quarter of land not too far from the city(not far enough from the city for me). I am very interested in homesteading and this year decided to give it a go. It has been my dream to have a farm and so with mini land comes mini farm. LOL I started with the chickens of course and now have 15. Then I started reading about hatching on here and so built an incubator and am giving it a go.
My next addition will be milking goats in the spring and a few ducks for fun. Also we have added a garden that is 100' by 30' and I plan to plant half for us and half for the goats. Rotating every season. I have been using gray water to irrigate the garden and am now backing all our bread and cooking everything from scratch. I am trying to give my girls as down to earth a life as I can living this close to the city. So far the chickens have been a hit and I have even caught DH sitting by the coop (sometimes in the coop lol) watching and talking to the girls.
I home school my 5 girls and they have never gone to public school. Ever since we started homesteading they have been learning so much more. DD even asked for a sewing machine for Christmas this year. Last year she wanted an x-box. So to me that is huge. I enjoy reading about people who are frugal do it yourselves and learning new was to do things.
My hope is to learn all I can about the lost art of living off your land. My motto is do all you can with what you have and give thanks to God for all his gifts big and small.