Hey there!
We raise Rare Chickens from only the best breeders in the USA.
We have Marans, Dutch Bantams,and OEG bantams.
A few years ago my wife wanted some chickens so we went to a friend of mine to get some Plymouth Barred Rocks. We got my son into it and we have gotten big in the marans and dutch. We show dutch bantams and some of our bigger birds.
We have a varity of marans ; wheaten, black, birchen ,and blue.
We also have a varity of dutch ; light brown, blue light brown , cream light brown, wheaten,and black.
We play with all the colors. We are currently trying to make a varity of colors such as; birchen dutch, blue wheaten dutch , and blue wheaten maran.
We have all the real deal chickens. We have Wade Jean Marans. They came from a good buddy of mine who got them straight from Wade.
Our dutch came from breeders who got them straight from Jean Robocker. She got her stock straight out of Holland.
We sale chicks from all the varieties above.
Feel free to ask any questions about any of our chickens.