Our coop design came from one of the BYC families coop design we found in the Tractor section. We just loved their design and ended up adding a few ideas of our own.

The coop itself is 6'x 4' with a laminate floor, four nesting boxes hung on outside, a window, and an upper air vent inside, plus electric light and additional plug in center of coop ceiling. The electrical box is outside under the nesting boxes that has a switch to turn on the light and an additional plug for whatever. The run floor is 12' x 6' (including under the coop). Since our coop/run was built by our carpenter neighbor, he built it in two sections. The coop roof extends over the run roof by about two inches. The run has hardware cloth all around. We also put it under the coop/run, layed landscaping cloth over that to keep out grass and weeds, then covered it all with a full yard of pea gravel that stays dry on top for the chickens and ducks. We even added the cut out hearts on the two access doors to the coop like the other family did...loved that special touch! Since we also have ducklings we decided to enclose two walls under the coop, on the back side and one on other side, to keep the bad weather out and keep our ducks dry. I kept reading at BYC that ducks might prefer to nest and sleep outside of the coop, so we decided to add the two walls for their protection from the weather. Plan on using straw on floor in coop and under it for ducks if they don't use the coop. Also, plan to hang from a rafter in the run two chains...one for the feeder and the other for a waterer. No food or water in the coop. Way too messy! Our three baby Welsh Harlequin ducks arrived last week and yesterday our four new baby chicks arrived...1 Barred Rock, a Buff Orphington, and 2 Rhode Island Reds. I swear the ducklings have grown a half inch in less than week. I heard they grow fast and they sure are doing exactly that!! We are also added a weathervane on the roof (not pictured)...so cute!
We had chickens a few years ago and as beginners we didn't take all the precautions that I eventually and sorrowfully learned to take. When I lost one hen to racoons I was so upset I gave away the other chickens and sold all equipment/coop. Two years later am now ready for some more chickens and also ducks this time...and have built what I feel is a truly safe run and coop. I am going to add a wood brace to fit across the two access doors to the coop to additionally keep out racoons....there will be no toggle switches on this brace for racoons to work and gain access. I purchased 2 Nite Guard units (online) to mount on stakes 15 inches off the ground that are supposed to keep racoons away, including possums, coyotes, and a few other animals. A light flashes from this unit from dusk until dawn and is solar. Will let you know if they work. If they don't, guess we will set traps and shoot 'em as I know we have racooms and coyotes. Can't wait for the babies to feather out so we can put them in their new home!!!!!