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i am a 35 chicken handler and 2 duck raiser and also a 2 guinea fowl tamer!!!!!!!!!!

  1. ichicken35
    Hi everyone I love ALL of my wonderful chickens and i just want to tell you about them and about me. [​IMG]
    I have one particular fav. and his name is silly he is a roster and he was the one to start it.he just started to love me and i loved him back .
    Ever since i have loved him.[​IMG] I have 2 ducks and they are male i just want to say if ya have 1 magpie female duck and want to give it away let me know.
    Also if ya have a female ruin duck let me know ok.

    I also have 2 guinea fowl male and female they are just the pair well got to go.


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  1. ichicken35
    please if ya have a female duck to spare let me no
  2. Whittni
    Sounds like fun, some time you'll have to take pictures.

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