We got 5 chicks 2 GLW and 3 NHR on Good Friday Mar. 5 2010 Hazel,Irene,Ginger,Rosealeen, and Vronica

The Girls moved outside!

Girls Are getting Big Can't Wait for some Eggs!!

ON June 9 we got six more 4 EES, 1 BA, and 1 BJG. Joon,Ruth,Whitie,Ebony,Ester,and Charlotte


First Eggs

The two on the left!
The Day we got our first Eggs

Chicks are getting Big

How many are there?

Sep. 17 We went to a pet store
JUST LOOKING and came back with a blue silkie. [Who can resist them?] Peeper

Peeper has become Rudy the rooster!


Mar. 21
We got one partridge rock chick duchess