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By Tillylover365 · Apr 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Tillylover365
    I thinking about starting a flock of 4 with my girlfriend (I'm a woman), but my parents said maybe so. We're getting an addition on my parents house and me and my family have to move into a rental house in Aug. We have to raise the money somehow, and I don't have a job. What you you suggest I do? Or do you have any tips on raising chicks to chickens? Where do you buy your feed? Should I build or buy a coop? I have a play structure ready to sell and use the wood. I have no Idea where to start. When Should I buy my chicks and where should I get them. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy everything? Thanks

    - TillyLover365

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  1. windnleavesfarm
    You could always sell eggs and chicks for money I sell for $2.00 a dozen which is pretty cheap. We made a coop because we found it cheaper than to buy one and used many peoples left overs for supplies. I get my chicks at my local feed store along with feed. if you want a high producing egg layer try a breed like Rhode Island Reds. If your looking to sell eggs buy chicks as soon as you can because its takes a while before they will start laying.
    Another option is razing hens for meat and selling the meat which honestly I have never done but most likely will this year I will. Breeds good for this are Cornish hens and dual heavyweight breeds.
    If a feed store does not carry what you would like try contacting your local 4-H group. Many times they can give you extra supplies and contacts.

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