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By CRAZY--CHICKS · Mar 30, 2013 · ·
    Ok, my name Kristina I am a first time owner of chickens. I have nine chickens all around two months of age. They are wonderful birds, they seem to grow more and more every night. I have a mixture of breeds, RhodeIsland Reds to yellow,red and black sex-linked. I love them all! I live on a farm with around 110 acer's, the chicken coop is more like a chicken palace, it huge, complete with a chicken run to match. On warm days we let them roam around or yard and garden, we also have three dogs, one is really good and doesn't mind the chickens, the other two given the chance i'm sure would love them as a snack. A day ago we had are chickens roaming around are yard, two of are dogs went with my brother out on the farm,the only one at are house was are small Dacshund, oscar, which even though he's small he was breed to hunt smaller animals, somehow he got outside of the house and chased my chickens, no one noticed until it was a little too late. One of my hens is very protective over the others ones so she was trying to protect them and she ended up getting attacked, we got to her before are dog killed her. It is a very different wound, its on her butt! he torn of her feathers and skin and got down to the muscle, it is a pretty bad wound. We don't have any vets that will help us around were I live, so i'm kinda on my own here, i searched the internet and couldn't find anything that related to my problem, so this is what i did:first i cut the feathers around the wound, then i washed it with baby soap(my only option) then i got some wound spray and sprayed it on the area, then i got some antibiotics for healing things, i but that stuff on some gauses and taped it to her wound, she is now seperated from the other chickens and is resting inside my house, well this morning i woke up to do the process again and noticed that there is a bump on her wound, I don't know if it is an infection or not, i've been doing everything i can i've been making sure she eats and drinks water, i also gave her a little bit of gatorade to give her some energy she has been kept warm and everything I WAS HOPING THAT SOMEBODY COULD HELP ME WITH MY PROBLEM, it just so happens that this chicken whose name is peep is my favorite chicken, and i want her to make it and be the chicken i've come'd to love, but if i comes to it i will but her down if it is whats best for her, but i don't want to have to do that. Can any of you chicken lovers help me??????????

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  1. jflanny
    Yes I second what Trefoil said. Do not put her with the others until the feathers are grown back as they others will probably pick at her and make it worse. The always sense ""weakness"" in any way and will go after that chicken - even if she was the one that saved their lives! Good luck.
  2. Trefoil
    Chooks about covered it. You might want to get a chicken saddle for her if that would cover the wound, not for now but for when you put her back with the others. If her feathers aren't completely grown back, they may pick at it.
  3. ChooksChick
    You're doing all the right things. Use 'neosporin to go' or some other spray antibiotic daily, and stay away from any meds that contain a pain relief medicine ending in '-caine' like benzocaine.
    You can cover it if she'll allow it, and the bump is probably a dried bit of ooze. This is normal. Pay attention to anything that STINKS. That would indicate real infection needing oral antibiotics.
    Her skin will fill in to cover the flesh slowly but surely. It's amazing! It's your job to keep her strong while it happens and keep her safe. If you have pet store neat you, baby parrot formula is an excellent supplement to sprinkle over her feed to keep her strong and interested in eating. Good luck!!

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